Delta's Disabled Toilet and Bathroom Alarm Systems contain everything you need to be BS8300 compliant.

A Disabled WC or Bathroom System is ideal for shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, or similar locations

We can provide single and multi-zone emergency assistance systems suitable for your premises.

A basic system will comprise of:

  • A call control unit

  • Ceiling pull cord

  • Over door light (with sounder)

  • Reset point

Some systems are available with a 'call accept' function to provide reassurance to the caller.
Systems can be a local system or link with additional WC Systems in larger buildings, linked back to a central controller.
Delta's call systems can be used as stand-alone systems or be linked in with other call systems, such as those found in a hospital or care home.
All our systems are manufactured to high standards and are fully compliant with regulations. They are 'built to last' and are highly reliable systems that require little maintenance.